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North Weald Airfield Museum

These pages will give you an insight into the history of this great airfield. The importance it played during wartime, the people involved, the planes etc. Accompanying the text are some great pictures that also tell their own stories.
Housed in one of the RAF buildings on the edge of the airfield, the museum tells the story of North Weald Airfield which opened in 1916, to defend London against the German Airship and Bomber raids of the First World War, Operational flying ceased in 1919, but restarted when the airfield became an operational RAF Fighter station once again in 1927. More than 52 squadrons from seven nations, including the U.S. and Norway, flew from the base before the last operational fighter squadron left in 1958. It’s role in the Battle of Britain inevitably brought the community into the firing line and during enemy raids on the airfield many bombs fell on North Weald village and the surrounding areas.

Each room of the museum is packed with information and artifacts covering all the eras and activities associated with the airfield. It is run and staffed by very knowledgable volunteers. There are no aircraft on display but heritage war birds can be seen on the airfield or in the skys over the museum.

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