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Waltham Abbey Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

If your children would like to learn more about any of the animals that we have here please get in touch. I have done two years of my Education Studies degree (going back in September for my final year) and have experience of public speaking and workshops, both regarding animals. Each week I will have a certain amount of slots where I can video call (or phone if you don’t have Facebook) you and your children to talk to you about whatever animals you want to, I’ll even try to show you some of the animals that we have here! Next week I have 2 half hour slots, it should be more the week after. Just send me a message on our page or text me on 07854 833706 and we can arrange a time. Please tell anyone who might be interested, especially if they don’t have Facebook!

(If I run out of slots for next week I promise I will do my best to fit you in the week after)

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