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Essex Arrows Baseball Club

Essex Arrows Baseball Club

Baseball in Waltham Abbey began life back in 1981 through local resident Louis Courtney, who created a youth team and built the backstop which is still being used more than 35 years later!
In 1984 Phil Chesterton took over at the helm and formed the Essex Arrows Baseball Club.  The team was named the Waltham Abbey Arrows and the club was affiliated to the British Baseball Federation (BBF).
We were called the Arrows because Waltham Abbey was reputed to be the last resting place of Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon King of England, who according to legend was killed by an Arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
Since 1984 the club has grown to two adult teams and one youth team.

Townmead Recreation Area (located at the end of Brooker Road)
Waltham Abbey, Essex
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